Kinetik supplies the most commonly used stains in microbiology.

Our range is dynamic and evolving so if you require a product which is not listed here or an alternative pack size, please contact us.

Item Code Item Description Unit SDS
618-001 Carbol Fuchsin Stain 0.5% 1L 3CHEA Carbol Fuchsin 0.5 618
617-500 Carbol Fuchsin Stain 1.0% 500mL 3CHEA Carbol Fuchsin 1.0 617
617-005 Carbol Fuchsin Stain 1.0% 5L 3CHEA Carbol Fuchsin 1.0 617
601-250 Crystal Violet Aqueous 0.5% 250mL 3CHD8 Crystal violet
601-500 Crystal Violet Aqueous 0.5% 500mL 3CHD8 Crystal violet
601-005 Crystal Violet Aqueous 0.5% 5L 3CHD8 Crystal violet
675-500 Decolouriser (Gram’s) 500mL 3CHEO Decolouiser (Gram’s) 675
606-250 Gram’s Iodine Solution 250mL 3CHD9 Gram’s iodine
606-001 Gram’s Iodine Solution 1L 3CHD9 Gram’s iodine
621-100 Kovac’s Reagent 100mL 3CHDL Kovac’s indole reagent
621-500 Kovac’s Reagent 500mL 3CHDL Kovac’s indole reagent
603-001 Lugol’s Iodine (5%iodine 10%potassium iodide) 1L
607-500 Lugol’s Iodine Solution 1.0% 500mL 3CHDM Lugol’s iodine
607-001 Lugol’s Iodine Solution 1.0% 1L 3CHDM Lugol’s iodine
624-500 Malachite Green Stain 0.5% 500mL 3CHES Malachite green stain 624
628-001 Methylene Blue Stain 1.0% 1L 3CHE9 Methylene blue 628
270-100 Neisser Stain 1 A 100mL 3CHEJ Neisser Stain 1A
271-100 Neisser Stain 1 B 100mL 3CHEK Neisser Stain 1B
272-100 Neisser Stain 2 100mL 3CHEL Neisser Stain 2
331-100 Nigrosine Stain 1% 100mL