Kinetik is a haematology specialist particularly with stains for automated slide makers and stainers.

Our signature products include a range of Wright’s and Wright’s/Giemsa Stains, May Grunwald’s Stain and Sorensen’s Buffers.

Our range is dynamic and evolving so if you require a product which is not listed here or an alternative pack size, please contact us.
919-001Sorensen’s Buffer pH 6.8 (x10 concentrate)1L

Item Code Item Description Unit SDS
309-100 Field’s Stain A 100mL 3CHF3 Field’s stain A 309
309-500 Field’s Stain A 500mL 3CHF3 Field’s stain A 309
310-500 Field’s Stain B 500mL 3CHF2 Field’s stain B 310
506-001 Kleihauer Fixative 1L 3CHER Kleihauer Fixative
605-001 May Grunwald’s Stain 0.3% 1L 3CHEC May Grunwald stain 605
605-005 May Grunwald’s Stain 0.3% 5L 3CHEC May Grunwald stain 605
CSQDFIX500 Quick Dip Fixative 500mL  
CSQD1500 Quick Dip I 500mL  
CSQD2500 Quick Dip II 500mL  
CSQDII5L Quick Dip II 5L  
921-001 Sorensen’s Buffer pH 7.2 (x10 concentrate) 1L 3CHDU-Sorensen27s-buffer-x-10conc
600-001 Wright’s Stain 0.24% 1L 3CHDG Wright’s stain
600-005 Wright’s Stain 0.24% 5L 3CHDG Wright’s stain
599-001 Wright’s Stain 0.28% 1L 3CHDG Wright’s stain
599-005 Wright’s Stain 0.28% 5L 3CHDG Wright’s stain
661-001 Wright’s/Giemsa Stain 0.34% 1L 3CHD7 Wrights-Giemsa Stain
661-005 Wright’s/Giemsa Stain 0.34% 5L 3CHD7 Wrights-Giemsa Stain
660-001 Wright’s/Giemsa Stain 0.26% 1L 3CHD7 Wrights-Giemsa Stain
660-005 Wright’s/Giemsa Stain 0.26% 5L 3CHD7 Wrights-Giemsa Stain