Cytology and Histology

Kinetik provides a range of stains and fixatives for Cytology and Histology.

Our range is dynamic and evolving so if you require a product which is not listed here or an alternative pack size, please contact us.

Item Code Item Description Unit SDS
520-001 Acid Alcohol Solution 5% 1L 3CHEB Acid Alcohol 520
400-100 Cytospray Cytology Fixative 100mL 3CHD1 Cytospray
400-200 Cytospray Cytology Fixative 200mL 3CHD1 Cytospray
400-24X200 Cytospray Cytology Fixative 24 x 200mL CTN 3CHD1 Cytospray
613-500 E.A.-50 Papanicolaou Stain 500mL 3CHD3 E.A.-50
613-005 E.A.-50 Papanicolaou Stain 5L 3CHD3 E.A.-50
614-005 E.A.-65 Papanicolaou Stain 5L 3CHDK E.A.-65
960-002 Formaldehyde Solution 4% (Neutral Buffered) 2L 3CHCR Formaldehyde Solution
961-2.5 Neutral Buffered Formalin 10% 2.5L 3CHCR Neutral Buffered Formalin 10% 961
961-005 Neutral Buffered Formalin 10% 5L 3CHCR Neutral Buffered Formalin 10% 961
961-020 Neutral Buffered Formalin 10% 20L 3CHCR Neutral Buffered Formalin 10% 961
612-500 O.G.-6  Papanicolaou Stain 500mL 3CHD4 O.G.-6
612-005 O.G.-6  Papanicolaou Stain 5L 3CHD4 O.G.-6
610-001 GI Gill’s Haematoxylin Stain 1L 3CHDB G1 Gill’s Haematoxylin stain
610-005 GI Gill’s Haematoxylin Stain 5L 3CHDB G1 Gill’s Haematoxylin stain
611-500 GII Gill’s Haematoxylin Stain 500mL 3CHDF G2 Gill’s Haematoxylin stain
611-001 GII Gill’s Haematoxylin Stain 1L 3CHDF G2 Gill’s Haematoxylin stain
611-005 GII Gill’s Haematoxylin Stain 5L 3CHDF G2 Gill’s Haematoxylin stain
616-500 GIII Gill’s Haematoxylin Stain 500mL
602-500 Lugol’s Iodine (5% Iodine 10% acetic acid) 500mL
609-250 New Methylene Blue Stain 0.5% 250mL 3CHE8 New methylene blue 609
620-500 Safranin O Stain 0.25% 500mL 3CHDA Safranin O stain
0542-500K Schiff’s Reagent 500mL 3CHD0 Schiffs Reagent 0542
619-001 Scott’s Blueing Agent 1L 3CHDC Scott’s bluing reagent
619-005 Scott’s Blueing Agent 5L 3CHDC Scott’s bluing reagent
815-500 Sudan Black B 0.3% 500mL
342-500 Trichrome Stain Wheatley’s 500mL